S3 Movie Review


S3 movie review :- Surya starring trilogy by hari direction is released today and the movie was nice with all the needed elements, and the movie was mostly about investigation of a murder, in this movie surya is going to find the criminal behind the murder, and actually the movie is mostly revolving around this issue and surya will be given a mission to find out the mystery behind the murder.

Anushka is playing the same role in this movie as an actress but she will be having her new interesting point that involves in surya investigation. And here comes the vidhya actress sruthi Hassan played this role and she had made her best performance in the movie. The movie was rated at 3.5 out of 5. And the movie will be same as the previous both parts of the movies, and here comes the new villan who is perfect opposite to powerful hero character and the movie will be commercial hit along with some new elements added.

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