Hritik Roshan Donating Eyes


Hritik roshan donating eyes as it was pledged by signing for the donation. And this pledge was took by himself on his recent 43rd birthday January 10th, and he was so happy for taking the pledge, as his recent blockbuster movie Kaabil was released and made top most collection with its openings and heading towards grand successes in theaters competing with sharuk khans Raees movie.

And Hritik Roshan mentioned that he felt the difficulty of how a blind person will be facing in his life, as he made his spellbound performance in Kaabil movie as a visually challenged role. The movie was mostly all about how he met his cute love and what made him towards taking revenge on others. The movie was all about how a visuvally challenge man fights for his love and it was made fantastic with his amazing performance in Kaabil, and hritik Roshan had decide to donate his eyes for donation and he took this great pledge on his 43rd birthday.

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