Bairavaa Movie Collections


Bairavaa movie collections up to 100cr and this movie had made its mark in overseas with 30cr collection, and this movie had made its high rage mark of 108cr all over the collection wise and it collected 62.5cr from Tamilnadu and 15cr from other states and the world wide right were sold for 72cr.

This movie is the 60th film of vijay and this movie is to be said that this was an average successes for Vijay’s movie, and this movie had made its best in the first 25 days of the opening and all the details of the movie collection is just for 25 days of the collection and this movie had been directed by Bharathan. And this movie was released on 5th January 2017. This movie is made its best in all other Indian states and it had been collected 15cr of amount in just 25 days and this collection going to increase ahead.

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